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Peter Kowalke

Relationship coach and international man of mystery

Peter Kowalke

Relationship coach and international man of mystery

Peter Kowalke

Peter Kowalke

Why You Should Know Valentina Ploy [Thai music for May, 2020]

By on May 17, 2020

At first I wasn’t sure if Valentina Ploy was Thai or Western. She KINDA seemed Thai, but I also felt like maybe I had stumbled across a U.S. radio station.

It turns out my read was exactly correct: She’s half Thai, half Italian. I fell in love with her music right away when I began listening to it this past month. You definitely have to check her out, especially her song, Let Go.

There also is a lot of other good crossover Thai music out there this month. Like the cheerful Landokmai song, Please Be True, and Daynim’s quirky Baby. Then there’s Warn; you don’t have to know Thai to deeply feel her music.

If you don’t really listen to Thai music, right now is a great time to start. Below are some especially good Thai songs out right now.

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You also might want to check out my list of U.S. and K-pop songs I’m loving this month.

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Warning: Don’t Drink and Watch these Thai Commercials

By on April 26, 2020

Thai TV commercials are the best in the world. Watch some of my favorites.